About Us

In 1975 Oliver borrowed $800 and built their first greenhouse. With some luck and youthful determination the next six years saw growth of a new greenhouse each year. Oliver and Cindy along with their two sons business continued to grow their family business during the 80ís. Cindy and Oliver are dedicated to giving the customer friendly one on one service. They want your trip to Oliver Paine Greenhouses to be a happy memoriable one.

Theyíve kept expanding year after to better serve the customerís needs offering a huge variety hanging baskets, perennials, combination planters, fundraisers, wholesale to other businesses, and a large supplies of garden accessories and tools for gardening.

Cindy has created FunShops and other events, where you can come out and play in the dirt and recieve the benefit of Cindyís knowledge and expertise in making your baskets and planters.

Way down deep inside the large frame of Oliver Paine, is a soft heart for growing things from the land; itís in his blood. He is the 5th generation farmer working on the same land that was plowed and planted by his great, great, great grandfather. He was given the land in payment for his service in the war of 1812.

If you are looking for knowledgeable friendly folks in the greenhouse business, you have found it with Oliver and Cindy Paine. There is nothing phony about them; they are the real deal.