Fundraiser Information

Pre-Sale Plant Program…
Many groups from Central and Upstate New York have had great success with our pre-sale plant fundraiser program. We can help your group develop the best program your you…from deciding what flowers to offer, to helping with your order form layouts, and choosing the best dates to hold your sale. We’ve been helping non-profits raise money for years now, so we know what works and how to help you make money.

(Groups have earned up to $5185) Call Cindy or Oliver for details 315-592-2773.

Thoughts on Fundraising...

"Our two sons were very active in school. Every time we turned around their group was fundraising. The Grand Daddy of them all was marching band…12 years total. During that time we saw some good sales, some bad sales, some useful products and some- not -so useful ones. It was that experience that inspired us to develop our fundraisers that feature quality products that people really want and a system that makes running the sale as easy as possible. When it comes to fundraisers WE’VE BEEN THERE"

Cindy and Oliver Paine


Band Members
Mike and Oliver IV, Busch Gardens, VA, 1992